“I had inherited some money when my father passed away and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had been to a few banks but was slightly overwhelmed by all the information that they threw at me. Then I was referred to Leeanne who discussed with me what my plans and objectives were for the money and what sort of attitude I had to risk and then she recommended the most suitable solution for me. Leeanne made the whole process clear and simple and explained what a lot of the jargon meant.

I was very happy with the level of service I received from Leeanne and would highly recommend her”

Elaine Bradley, Glasgow

“Finances, particularly my own, have never been my strong point. When I decided to explore setting up a private pension, I had no idea where to start or whether I could even afford it. Fortunately, I discovered Leeanne.

She has a real knack of taking complex financial information and explaining it in a simple, yet professional, manner. She took the time to meet with me, learn about my current financial situation and explain what options were available to me.

With her help and expertise, I was able to set up a pension plan that will not only help me in retirement, but also not overstretch my current everyday budget. If you’re looking for a financial adviser who is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, I’d highly recommend Leeanne Bradley.” 

Louise Smith, Broxburn

“Looking for good advice through the minefield of pensions, I was delighted to have Leeanne Bradley as my guide and expert. She supplied and talked me through all the required information, highlighting the important points and possible costs.

Leeanne guided me through the set-up process, and I now have a pension package which is appropriate for me in todays’ economic climate. I could not have achieved this so quickly and effortlessly without Leeanne’s professional help. Highly recommendable experience.”

Gill Hansen, Director West Central Staff

“A number of unexpected, serious illnesses among close friends and colleagues made me realise I wasn’t as well covered as I thought if the same thing were to happen to me. 
<>Leeanne took time to understand how I work and what would best suit my needs and circumstances. I now have income protection and critical illness cover, so should the worst happen, it’s one less thing to worry about.”

Gordon McCulloch, Edinburgh

“I was a first-time buyer looking to purchase my first home but had no real deposit to speak of. It would have taken me years and years to save up the 10 to 15% which all of the banks were asking for. I felt this wasn’t an option as I was soon to get married and needed a proper home.

Leeanne was fantastic and advised me that there was another option I could look at, other than scrimp and save for years, all the while spending more than we could save on rent! She told me about shared equity, how I could buy a house and still own 100% of it, but just get a mortgage for 80% of it while the builder of the development would pay the other 20%. All I had to do was put down a minimal deposit!

This was the perfect option for me: we bought the house with little expense and moved in really quickly. My husband and I have been there for years now and even started a family there. I’m not sure we would have been in the same position if it hadn’t been for Leeanne’s advice. She made everything so easy for us and was with us every step of the process: we are so grateful!”

Louise Devlin, Livingston

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